Company  Profile

                          Welcome to TAUCH  Industrial Co., Ltd.  With more than fifteen years of  specialized

                manufacturing experience in switches, we have built a sound reputation and are well known

                to the domestic and international markets. We provide a wide range of many kinds of switches

                and professional technical support to meet your strict and diverse requirements. Besides,

                customer design services for specific or unique requirements and OEM orders are also the main

                part of our business.


                          Our manufacturing facilities maintain consistent high quality through our stringent quality

                assurance system. Customer satisfaction is always the goal of our quality policy. Most of our

                products have been certificated of safety approval by UL,CSA, VDE….etc. In addition, we are

                continuously devoted ourselves to R&D for the work of new product development, manufacturing

                processes improvement, automatic production and cost-down for supplying the reasonable price.


                           At TAUCH, We are committed to satisfy our customers requirement with our professional

                 technique and efficient service. Please contact with us, you will deeply realize what is

                           A Perfect Touch From TAUCH.





  Push Switches
  Tact Switches
  Encoder Switches
  Rotary Dip Switches
  New Micro Switches
  Miniature Micro Switches
  Subminiature Micro Switches
  Ultraminiature Micro Switches